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A few days ago I read the blog of fellow potter Paul Jessup who was feeling badly about himself and very uncreative because of an issue he was fighting with his bank.  I know the feeling, I'm there.  I've been having an ongoing struggle with my bank for the past six months.  Every time I try to take time to focus on my work they call me with another problem that requires me to drop everything I'm doing and do something for them.  It's draining.  It also makes it hard to even try to focus on my work knowing that they will pounce as soon as I get engrossed.  I know this will end eventually but it feels like it will go on for eternity.  Which makes me think about the kids that have killed themselves because of bullying.  To a kid a few years seems a lot like eternity, a few years of bullying feels a lot like an eternity in hell.  Our government says we need to stop the bullying but then will not give gay people equal rights.  I think kids who don't know a better way to deal with insecurities will always pick on other kids, but if they see someone as equal, if someone is treated equally by the world it will be one less thing to pick on and not a reason for shame to the point of suicide. 
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  1. Lori, I feel a little low sometimes thanks to a bank or whatever too, but thank GOD for being able to make pottery, eh? Makes a person realize that making beautiful things IS what its all about :) And your stuff is looking muy excelente!

  2. You're right Gary, we are so fortunate to have this creativity. Thanks.

  3. I agree, creativity makes up for a lot that's wrong in the world today.


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