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Shop Local Day

A campaign has started which is pushing to make Nov 27th be the day we all shop at small businesses.  As much as I love this idea I'd rather make every day shop at small business day.  It's better for the economy, it's better for our home values, it's better for our frame of mind.  I know some of my fellow artist who read this usually support local and small business because they are a local and small business and it's just good karma.  However, I often hear potters saying "you can get this from (enter ugly big box store name here)."  Many of them give the argument that the big box store is the only place in town to shop...anymore.  Or else it's the convenience argument - "If I get Aunt Millie this crap she doesn't like at the big box store she can easily exchange it."  Why not get her something unique and thoughtful that she might actually like?
It kills me to hear people say that the small businesses are going under because the economy is so bad yet I drive past the full parking lot of the big box shopping center into my village of stores that have gone out of business after having thrived 20 years.  The distance is only 1 mile between the two.
This year, let's try to make gift giving a gift to our communities also. 

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. some things are less expensive at larger stores, so in this economy many folks have to shop that way, we try to shop quality and then price, the cost of the good food is much more but we figure it saves our health in the long run and it does taste so much better, don't buy must else these days.


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