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Volunteering at Penland Auction

Friday, Saturday and half of Sunday were filled with auction volunteer events, parties and getting to know some people around here.  The volunteer work did not seem very difficult or strenuous but by Sunday I was pretty exhausted, and not from staying up late or drinking too much at the volunteer party.  It's just tiring to be "on" all of the time, even if you're just standing around waiting to do something it still takes it's toll.  I'm going to have to get used to it again because I have a pretty heavy show schedule coming up this fall.
I did get some time to walk around the campus and take pictures.  I found this really interesting art truck just sitting in a parking area.  It's not a permanent exhibit nor was it auctioned but I do find these things fun.

Sunday evening was orientation and our first class.  Orientation was interesting as we got to see a video explaining the Penland experience and Cynthia Bringle shared some of the amazing history of Penland with us.  One thing that I like is the emphasis on it being ok to take risks and make mistakes.  I think a lot of learning and growing comes from risking and mistakes, it's good to know that this is a safe place to do both.
Part of my Penland experience has been in the form of the people I have met and the connections that have occurred quickly but naturally.  I'm not just referring too casual chats with well known artists like Cynthia and Edwina Bringle but having in depth conversations about art and life with my roommates and really bonding.  I tend to be a rather introverted person who finds conversation with new people can sometimes be a bit strained, most likely due to my social lacking more than theirs.  But by the end of the weekend I felt a closeness that doesn't normally happen quickly.  I'm curious to see what bonds will be created after two weeks.  I'll keep you posted and send more pictures as I can.
Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. Gary wants to paint our bus all colorful and i'm afraid if he does we'll never sell it if we have to. I better not let him see this post. Ha. Well risks and mistakes, I'm on a good path then. ha. have a good one.


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