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The Gift of Pottery and Happiness

This weekend I sold some pieces to at least two husbands that were gifting them to their wives. One man gave his wife some pottery for their wedding anniversary (congratulations on twenty three years) and the other gave his wife this peace sign cup just because he thought she'd like it. These actions reminded me how what I do as an artist helps to bring happiness to other people.
Peace Sign Cup

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. omigosh, that is soooo magnificently cute :)

  2. How wonderful two husbands were thoughtfull and gave handmade pottery to their wives. I guess peace symbols never go out of style, I remember them from the hippie days, a great idea for a cup.

  3. I hope the peace symbol never goes out of style. Maybe most people who are not elected to public office (and hopefully some who are) still want peace.


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