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Art 101

I just signed a contract to show my work at Art 101 Gallery in Canton, GA.  I'm very excited about the opportunity as I guess you can imagine.  John, the owner has been nice enough to donate some space for the Georgia Clay Counsel's First Annual Holiday Market.  Now he's offered to keep some of the work on a more permanent display.  He's a super nice guy, I hope this works out well for him.  The gallery has a very eclectic mix of art of various different media and style by artisens from the South East, mostly Georgia.  It's a great place to visit.
This bowl is one that I have in the gallery, the picture doesn't do it justice, it's a pretty little bowl with Ginkgo Leaves impressed into the clay.  I'm so happy with this piece, I hate the to see it go but know that it'll find a new home with someone else who appreciates it.
Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. Oh yes, tis gorgeous, and maybe you will make more with gingko leaves?:)

  2. Thanks, Gary. Yes, I'll make more using them, I'm told they are good luck.

  3. Read for a follow-up


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