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Live & Learn

This weekend I showed in the Artisans @ the Etz event.   I was very excited about this event; they invited me to show, they were very well organized and efficient, they told me about the pre-show advertising that they would be doing and how this event had been run successfully for 3 years.  It's a fundraiser for the synagogue which also seemed like a good cause that people besides myself would be happy to support.
Sadly, the show was a complete wash; not just for me but for all of the other artists that I watched or spoke to about it.  A painter & I started discussing the fact that we had both been invited, she questioned how the organizers had found her and selected her to participate.  As I was packing up and leaving I heard several other artists asking the same question.  I may be wrong but I suspect it was the first time any of us participated in the event, I'm confident it is the last time I will participate in the event.  I find it really sad that so many of the artists there had never been in this type of show before and it was quite a bad experience for them.
The lesson I have learned is to ask more questions, like how many artists in the show are returning artists.  Live and learn. 

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. RATS. Artists are really hustling these days to make a dollar or 2, aren't we?


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