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Busy Season

I love the energy of this time of year.  It seems while the trees are putting on a show in preparation for the winter we potters are preparing for winter shows.  At so many instances in life I tend to have a hard time figuring out whether I have too much stuff or not enough.  I go grocery shopping to refill the pantry and the refrigerator only to struggle to find places for my purchase.  This causes me to think "I've got to learn to cook so I can do something with this food."  Now I'm having similar thoughts about pots...not that I feel I need to learn to make them but I wonder if I have enough to do well at the show I have coming up and I simultaneously wonder if I have too many; I don't want the display to look too crowded. 
These are not bad problems to have, some people don't have enough of anything except hardship.  Thankfully, this is also the time of year when people tend to be more conscious of giving to the needy.  I hope that as we give this year we are able to provide abondance for someone who has gone without.

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