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New Pots

These pots were inspired by ancient pottery that was made before people used tables. Back in those times it was better to have a pot with a round bottom because it would sit on the ground better and was actually less likely to tip over. That makes for a gorgeous curve and shadow at the bottom of the pot.

Soda Fired Pots

Today we use tables a lot and most people will not like a pot that easily rolls off the table so my challenge was to make that shadow and line without showing much foot. I think these came out pretty well.
They are soda fired with brushed decoration. via Instagram


  1. Thanks Mellissa, I appreciate that.

  2. beautiful, they look like they would rock but not tip over; are the upper pots fired or are they green, they look like bean pots

  3. there is something very warm about primitive style pots and soda firing just adds to it - nice examples


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