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New Class

Not very long ago some artists friends and I were discussing our desires for the future. One of the things I said I wanted to have happen was to get a teaching job. Within a few days I was contacted by the nice people who run the pottery program at the Tucker Recreation Center. They wanted to expand the program and came to me since I had been a substitute teacher there last year and it was great. Now I’ll be back teaching regularly.

Lori Buff of Future Relics Gallery doing a pottery throwing demonstration
Pottery Demo

Here’s a part of the announcement email:

We're only about a month away from resuming classes at TRec. When you return you will see some nice changes in the clean rooms, in the glaze selection, and in the instructors! In order to better serve our students and give you another option in learning, Lori Buff will now be teaching a class on Tuesday nights for all levels, but with a focus on relative newcomers to clay.  

In Lori's words, here is her vision for the new class, followed by her biography:

Beginning Pottery Tucker Rec Center

"I intend to offer a relaxing and supportive environment for the students to learn and practice the techniques they will need to realize their creative visions in clay. I plan to start the classes with a demo lesson then give each student time to work on their pieces while receiving individual attention as well as having opportunities for discussion and sharing ideas among the students.

I will begin by teaching basic techniques and working with fundamental forms that can be expanded upon as the students progress in ability. We will also discuss a variety of surface options including an introduction to glazes and the glazing process.

The classes will start off by hand building a few functional pieces in order to get a feel for how the material works. We will start with the basic construction methods and explore the unlimited possibilities of clay. As the class progresses, and if the students show an interest we will move into the basics of wheel throwing.

I have a very loose agenda of projects for the students to create. Obviously the interests of the students will be the top priority."

Lori Buff – Artists Biography

"I fell in love with pottery when I was a junior in high school.  This love of creating clay forms led me to decide that I was going to be a potter when I grew up.   I was accepted at The New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University based on my portfolio work.  

Little did I know, I would never grow up.

After leaving school, I traveled around the country in a 1971 Pinto with extended stays in New York, Virginia, Wisconsin and Birmingham. I eventually settled in Atlanta, GA where I tried for 27 years to live the life expected of me, working corporate jobs and such, but something was always missing.

Then several years ago my partner gave me a gift certificate for Mudfire Clayworks.  Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.  I started with a one month membership which ended up being a one year membership. Soon, I was teaching and assisting in every workshop possible at Mudfire. I have also been studio assistant for Linda and Charlie Riggs Naked Raku workshop and Cynthia Bringle's eight week concentration at Penland School of Crafts in western North Carolina.

My pottery can be found in various shops, galleries, and festivals around Atlanta as well as online at

I feel very honored and excited about this opportunity. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun for me and the students.  If you are in the area of Tucker, GA and are interested in taking a class with me or any of the other instructors (they offer classes to various skill levels), please let me know, I’ll add your name to the email list so you can receive a registration form.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. congrats, your students are going to learn so much, glad you start out with handbuilding since I think that encourages confidence in working with clay, wish I was closer I'd like to learn the wheel one of these days but not at night by that time I am barely functioning since I am a morning person. Ha.

    1. Thanks Linda, the class starts at 6pm so it shouldn’t be too hard for most people but I guess it depends on how early you rise.

  2. Congratulations! If I were closer (lots closer) I would do this as a refresher on the wheel!

    1. Thanks Suzie, it would be fun to have you in the class.

  3. Began my Garden Classes career 3 decades ago at Tucker Rec ! Remember well passing the pottery rooms, and the young gymnastics kids.

    Go Lori. Since that start I've lectured coast to coast USA, and Europe.

    And, I know how fun your work is. Time consuming work, yet every bit fun and energizing.


    1. Thanks Tara, maybe I’ll follow in your footsteps and will one day be doing workshops around the world.

  4. This sounds like a great place to work and learn. Congratulations on getting the job.

    1. Thanks Melissa, I appreciate the support and the comment.

  5. Congratulation on the new position. They and the students are very lucky to have you.

  6. its great to see new opportunities for folk to learn pottery, all the best, I hope you enjoy it as much as your students..

  7. Whoa, you asked and the universe provided! NICE!

  8. I may have to switch to nights !

    1. That would be fun, and we could go to Billy Bobs for some adventure afterwards. Hehehe


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