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Spring Time Blues

“I just haven’t felt very creative lately.” Those words were spoken to me by a fellow artist the other day. I told her that I am with her in these thoughts. I thought I’d just be unable to stay out of the studio after returning from Penland but it’s been more the opposite. I’m happy to plan some projects that I want to do, I’m happy trying to learn to play my new guitar, I’m even happy when I do get into the studio and do some work. I’m just not very motivated. Apparently I’m not alone so we talked about it for a little while.

My last show for the season, ARTucker is this coming weekend at the Tucker Rec Center and I’m excited about that. I’ve got enough inventory for it to be a good show. I’ve filled all the outstanding orders that I’ve gotten recently. Basically, I’m in a good place. That freedom should lead to creativity but instead I’m just not really feeling like working right now and neither is the other artist I just mentioned.
Blue Glazed Lidded Jar by Future Relics Pottery
Blue Lidded Jar

As we were commiserating I was reminded of when I heard that most people who commit suicide do so in the spring.  Part of the thought is that there is a pressure to feel happy because the world is being built anew and life is beautiful. Neither one of us is feeling even remotely that blue, we are just in a creative funk. The point is, we are also feeling pressure (probably completely self imposed) to feel creative.  What we realized is that by taking a little time away from the studio and following our hearts we are building up creative energy and will be able to return to the studio refreshed and renewed.

How do you handle creative lulls?

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  1. I take a drive in the country and that really helps my mood.

  2. When I am feeling that way I get out of the studio and do something other than clay. I might paint or draw... or clean out closets and drawers!

  3. No potter weighing in here...I am a musician and at the end of symphony season this year I was just mentally and physically exhausted. Not so much from the actual work of playing music but more from non-musical life stresses and also way, way, way too much driving. I haven't touched my flute in 3 weeks and I don't feel the least bit guilty about that. Sure it's going to suck big time when I have to practice next week for the upcoming summer gigs, but it's good to take time to do something else. Even if that something else is NOTHING! (Although I've certainly improved in words with friends.)

  4. "Creativity" doesn't always mean "creating." A lot of creative mental work is hands-off and happens outside the studio. Loving your job is great, but it's still work. No one would think there's anything wrong with someone who works a 9-5 job feeling occasionally bored, so why would we think that of someone who's "on call" 24/7?

  5. I've been in a creative lull for over a year now and don't mind it a bit. I am catching up on reading, paying attention to things that have been left for way too long in my house, gardening, learning new things.... its not bad, this break I have taken. Some days I feel a pull towards my studio, but not strong enough to actually go out there. I figure when its time, I'll know it. Just flowing with the river at this point...... its nice. and a more steady income with my new job sure doesn't hurt :)

  6. I find myself following creative threads, not sure where they might lead, and feeling like being OUTdoors playing, you know? The weather is just so awesome :)


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