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Why We Love Pitchers

This morning Meredith from Why Not Pottery asked her readers if they still use pitchers and how they use them.  I started to answer but it got too long for a comments section so I jut told her I’d answer her here.

I love pitchers.  They are easily one of my favorite pots to make. They are very functional and useful but they are also a piece that lets me play with design.  I can make pitchers in various shapes and sizes for multiple uses. Many potters do this with teapots, some even make non-functional teapots that are really imaginative. I have yet to do that, I still want to keep my functional pots, well, functional. Of course that may change at any time.
This pitcher is being used as a vase by the current owner. It was made of a white stoneware of three thrown then altered and assembled pieces. It’s a form I want to revisit.

Pottery Pitcher by Lori Buff
Altered Pitcher

I use a small pitcher, also known as a creamer every morning to steam and froth the cream I put in my coffee.  I put the cream into the creamer, microwave for 30 seconds then froth with a tiny emersion blender.  I have three little creamers for this purpose so the used ones can sit in the dishwasher until it’s full.

I use medium sized pitchers for whipping up sauces and dressings when I’m cooking. This is especially nice if the dressing is going to be served with the meal.

Bird Pitcher by Lori Buff
Bird Pitcher

When we have guests over I always put out a pitcher of cool water for them.  That way they can fill their cup whenever they want. One of my friends likes this idea so much she has asked for a pitcher to give as a wedding gift. Maybe I’ve started a trend.

An idea I got from Martha Grover is a pitcher that comes with a juicer that fits on top. This is really handy for fresh squeezed orange juice, Margaritas, and Mojitos.

Another customer bought one of my larger pitchers to use as a kitchen crock. I make a crock just for your utensils, it also doubles as a wine chiller, but she wanted to use the pitcher. Who am I to argue?I’m just happy it’s being used.

How do you use pitchers?

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  1. I love pitchers. My grandmother collected them and in her kitchen there was a shelf that had dozens of little pitchers on it. I have a few of them from her collection, one of my favorites is from the Cole potters in Seagrove. My mom has the rest of them at her house. She used to keep them on top of her frig, now they are above the kitchen cupboards in that space between the ceiling and the cabinets. I guess one day I'll be finding a place for those too.
    I like your idea of putting water out in a pitcher for guests!

    1. Hi Tracey, one of my customers collects pitchers too. She even sent me a picture of the pitcher on the shelf with others from her collection. It looked like an interesting thing to collect. Beautiful shapes and colors.

  2. I like gravy boats, like a pitcher but longer and lower

    1. You reminded me of dinner at my grandmother’s house. She always had a gravy boat with some delicious gravy for the pot roast. Thanks Linda.

  3. Hi Lori, thanks for a great post. I want my students to read this since they are working on pitchers this week and next.

    1. Thanks Meredith, I hope it gives them some inspiration.

  4. I love making pitchers too, preferring them for flowers sometimes!

  5. Just LOOKING at a pitcher is using it.

    XO T

    1. Thanks Tara. When people ask about the function of my naked raku pots I often tell them that it’s beauty is it’s function.

  6. I really like your idea of putting out a pitcher of water for guests. I want to remember that.


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