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Drawing in the Sunshine

Their is always something comforting about a sunny day.  When the weather is nice enough to be outside I'm always looking for some way to get outside.  Some pretty day's I've been very tempted to drag my wheel outside onto the deck.  But that's a lot of work and it seems like a good way to pull a muscle or something not fun.

The solution is to take my decorating outside.  I can sit in the doorway of the studio and listen to music or an audio book while I draw and carve.  Needless to say, with the weather as cold and ugly as it's been I have not done any of that in a while.  Which means I am down to one last dragon mug.  So today, I threw some mugs to carve while sitting in the sun.  Okay, I still have to wear a heavy sweatshirt but it's better than a parka.

Red Dragon Stein by Future Relics Pottery
Red Dragon Stein 

What do you like to do in the sunshine?

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. NC is supposed to be warmer by the weekend, hopefully Atlanta will be too!
    One of my favorite things to do on a sunny day is sit on the steps to our gallery at around 6:30 - 7:00pm and have a glass of wine. It's that time of day that the sun will be shining down in my face, the traffic on the road has slowed, and I can hear all the birds chirping... was able to get out there last weekend, first time in months!

  2. Sunshine? Let's see if I can reach way back in the nooks and crannies of my brain and see if I can remember what that is, haha! I love to read a good book, drink a cold beer, sleep, daydream, eat a good meal, walk. I can do these things indoors but the sunshine makes it so much better, just waiting.....

  3. I'm ready. Rain tomorrow.....sigh.

  4. sun is out here and SOoooo glorious, even if it was 8 below! love your mug :)


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