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Love From Highwater Clay

Do you open your clay box upside down?  I do.  It's easier to get the bags out because Highwater folds the top part of the bag underneath the clay.  I assume this is to make sure the bag stays shut tight and the clay stays moist.

Today I found a message stamped into the flap of the box.  I never would have seen it if I had not opened the box at the bottom.  It felt like I found an Easter egg.

Special Message

I'm not certain but I think it says "Packed with love by T. Crittenden and crew."  I looked at a few other boxes that I have open, none have this or a similar stamp.

Thanks T. Crittenden and crew, returning the love.

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  1. And they know you're using their product with LOVE !

    XO T

  2. Random acts of kindness, we need more things packed with love!

  3. I always open the bags from the top I'll start opening from the bottom from now on.

  4. how cute! I always doodle messages onto packages I ship too :)


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