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Fixing An E-Z Up Festival Tent

The tent trusses broke after the last show. It was my fault and it was my problem. Of course I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a new tent. I also love this tent even though I'm envious of the newer e-z up tents with the velcro fastener on the sidewalls. Velcro is such a great invention. Mine have these loops that go over the trusses and connect to an oval bead. It's a pain in the neck and almost works. Other than that, I love my E-Z Up.

I found a section for ordering replacement parts on E-Z Up's website and found the model of tent I had without too much difficulty.  When you go to the webpage you'll see a diagram that would be helpful if it were larger or otherwise more clear but it worked for me to identify which parts needed to be replaced and then order them.  They do have a toll free number that I could have called if I was really uncertain about my order.

As you can see I had several breaks, two of the outer trusses had bent and broken.  Thankfully it was only the metal parts that needed to be replaced.

The new parts were sent promptly.  Yay.  It would have been nice to have some instructions as to how to reassemble the pieces but they were not there.  However, I'm a potter, I repair kilns and such.  I can do this.  If I had the original assembly instructions that might have helped also. So I tried to take pictures of the process but they didn't look helpful.  Essentially, after removing the canvas, I simply replaced the trusses one at a time, broken for good, move on to the next.  I did this with the tent loosely closed but standing up for easy access to the nuts and bolts.  I had all four trusses replaced in under an hour without rushing.

New Tent Trusses
It was a pretty easy and straightforward task.  I'm so happy it went well and that E-Z Up offers the replacement parts.  That's a huge cost saver.

Now I want to wash the canvas top but I'm a bit worried about doing so.  It's done such a wonderful job of keeping water off of me when it rains and I'd hate to do anything that would change that but it is getting a bit grungy looking.  Have you cleaned yours?  How and did it work well?

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  1. Glad you were able to do a repair. I would like to clean our canopy and sidewalls as well. I wish they could go in the washer but something tells me it's not a good idea. I don't know if the flame retardancy would be compromised if I did that. I think I will google it!

  2. Oh this was super informative, thanks,


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