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Being Watched

Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched then you look around and you see that indeed, someone is watching you?  It's a bit weird how that works but it frequently happens.  Like the other day when I went to the Penland garden to try to get some good pictures of these sunflowers.

Penland Sunflowers

Deer In The Garden
When the feeling of being watched got strong I looked around and noticed a deer standing a ways behind me.  She let me take her picture then flicked her tail and rain back into the woods.

Meatless Monday blog posts will return after Labor Day weekend, in the meantime I started a new, one week class at Penland School of Crafts.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. we also get watched... had 3 deer yesterday checking us out.

  2. I envy your time at Penland sooooo much! I could really use a creativity jump start

  3. enjoy the rest of your time at Penland, can't wait to hear about this week's class.


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