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Functional Decorative Pots

The Macon Arts Alliance sent the check and inventory sheet for the pieces that sold at Fired Works.  Like most people, I don't love creating inventory sheets but they are invaluable so I make them.  What I learned from looking at this one is that people bought more functional pots than decorative pots.  That was not a shocker.  People can justify buying functional art because it has a use besides being pretty and making us happy.  I honestly get a lot of joy out of the functional pieces that I have collected from other potters.

My decorative pieces are usually either horse hair or ferric decorated which means they look really pretty in your home, they may even be a conversation piece, but don't put liquid in them or you'll have a puddle because they are naked and low fired.  But I did make some lamps and lidded jars that were decorated with ferric or horse hair and these were popular items.

Ceramic horse hair raku lamp by Lori Buff
Horse Hair Lamp

So now I'm thinking about what other functional pieces I can make using these decorating styles.  What would you like to see?

Have you been to mudcolony this week?

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. Beautiful lamp!
    I often tell people to slip the plastic container from Crystal light drink mix (or something similar) inside their raku vase, and then they can use it for fresh flowers.
    I can't think of any functional uses for raku right now, but I am curious to see what others come up with.

    1. Thanks Michèle, I always tell people to put a cup or glass in a raku vase also. It's so simple and works so well.
      I'm curious too, so many creative readers.

  2. Since I don't make mugs and bowls, I am always trying to come up with something that is sort of functional to justify buying it. I think horse hair and naked raku ornaments could be really great and you could sell them for up to $24 which would make the effort worth it. Just a thought....
    also decorative bowls and trays are really nice, even little ring dishes sell well.... I have the under $50 crowd at the festivals I like to do, so I am always thinking of them.

    1. Great ideas Tracey, except I can't seem to sell ornaments at any price (must be my taste in ornaments, ha). Bowls and trays are always a good idea.

  3. I think everyone in the world should buy handmade lamps.
    They add something to a room that no manufacture lamp can do.

  4. Great lamp! I've had the same idea but I'm a bit stumped by the wiring end of the process. Did you get an electrician to wire it for you? I'm sure it's not that hard but I guess if you want to sell them they'd have to adhere to some kind of safety standard. (My workaround so far has been to keep the base open and just slot the whole thing down on top of a pre-bought small basic metal lamp ...).

    1. Thanks Georgia and welcome to the blog. I use all UL listed parts and install them onto the lamp following the directions meticulously as it is important. Several years ago I worked as an electrician for a time so I learned a lot about electricity and wiring devices then.

    2. Aha that helps I'm sure! I wouldn't have a clue. (And in Australia I think there might be more strictures about who is permitted to do that kind of work, ie qualified sparkies only! If it's for sale anyway.) By the way I'm sure your ornaments would also be fantastic, your functional ware is so lovely. I particularly love the handles and speckley glazes on your casseroles etc...


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