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Soda Kiln Unloading

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Anagama After The Storms

As you may know Rome, Georgia was one of the towns that got hit hard in the recent tornado outbreak.  I saw on the news that Shorter University lost some trees but I wasn't able to get much information about what happened at the anagama until I went up there.
This is what I found when I arrived

Giving a scale of how large the tree was

Can you tell how close the tree is to the kiln shed?
This huge oak came down and took at least 3 other trees with it. 
The good news is that Ian & James are ok, as is the kiln and having enough firewood should be no problem for the next firing.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. WOW - that's one great kiln g-d! Whew! Glad everyone is ok.


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