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Get Moving

This morning NPR aired an article about how we need to move more at work.  It seems most people are spending too much time in front of the computer moving little but their fingers and they are getting soft and out of shape even if they work out regularly.  One of my favorite Atlanta radio stations plays a song the DJ calls "the cubical dance" every morning.  The idea is to get us up and active for a few minutes each morning.
The good new for potters is that we do move and stretch quite a lot while throwing.  It feels like wedging clay (yes, I still wedge) is good aerobic exercise and carrying 25 - 50 pound boxes of clay is good anaerobic exercise.  Still, I try to make certain that I interrupt my throwing by getting off the stool every so often to get more clay or move freshly made pieces onto the shelves.
What do you do to keep active while working?
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  1. oh gosh, yes, I try to vary my actions so I don't get back trouble, you know? btw, I am sorry to say that there is so much video and such on this blog that my internet gets jammed and shuts down!

  2. Gary, I'm sorry. I have less photos and videos than you do, I wouldn't think it'd be too much for your system. Is anyone else having issues?
    Windoze or mac?


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