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Hipster Hippo Rides Again

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Inman Park Art Festival Review

This past weekend I was exhibiting at the Inman Park Arts Festival and Tour of Homes.  This is normally a great show with huge crowds, a really fun parade and some very talented artist performing and displaying there work.  This year it was also a time for Mother Nature to show what she can do.
We set up the booth on Saturday morning amidst light to heavy rain showers but nothing horrible lasted for long and the customers started showing up 30 minutes before the show was to start.  I took this as a good sign; people were braving the weather to buy art.  Then it started getting very, very dark.  One passer-by commented about how it seemed more like evening than early afternoon, another mentioned a hail storm that had just hit her house and was headed our way.  I think that hail and pottery might not mix very well so I very quickly packed my pieces back into the bins zipped up the tent and made a mad dash to the beer truck.  Ok, actually they ambushed me but still, it seemed the thing to do all things considered.  As we were heading for the truck with are beer getting watered down from the rain we took shelter in a friend's hair salon, they were having a party also.  Then finally home to bed for a nap.
Sunday was as close to a perfect day as one could hope to see.  The tent survived the weather, the people came out and shopped.  From where my booth was located I could see the people playing in the park including a woman who was fantastic with the hoola hoop.  It was a lot of fun. 
One of my favorite parts of doing a show is when my friends come by to visit.  It's so nice to hang out and catch-up which each other, people watch together and just reconnect.  It seems every show brings a few surprise visitors also; either I didn't expect them to come out or they didn't know I'd be in the show.  This is always fun too, I love surprises. 
My next show is in the Kirkwood Spring Fling on May 15th 2010.  It's another area that is close to my home and I have several friends that live in the neighborhood; I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


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